About Us

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Gilbert's Brand Promise and Food Allergy Statement

We are committed to producing great-tasting foods for a fun and healthy lifestyle, and we test all of our products for the presence of gluten and peanuts; plus, our recipes don't use wheat or gluten, corn or high fructose corn syrup, tree nuts, dairy, soy, hydrogenated oil, trans fats or preservatives.

Our Story

The Gilbert's Story

Why start a cookie company? Gilbert's began when a corporate professional turned Culinary Institute of America-trained baker launched her own company to address the need for great tasting gluten-free treats for individuals with multiple food allergies.

Award Ribbon

Awards, Accolades and Testimonials

We know: you've heard it all before... every cookie in the aisle claims to be smarter. But you don't have to take our word for it. Gilbert's has won awards, been featured on television and in news articles, and recommended by REAL PEOPLE.